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Postpartum Doula & Lactation Counseling

Your investment:   

Under 6 hours ($45/hr)

6 - 10 hour package ($35/hr)

10 - 15 hour package ($30/hr) *(Sliding scale available)

Contact: or 917 887-8530

Postpartum Doula & Lactation Counseling offers new mothers and families much needed support, grounded in the belief  that life-changing events are opportunities for personal transformation. Motherhood and the addition of a new family member changes the dynamics in one’s life and offers an opportunity to adopt new strategies for handling additional responsibilities and stresses in your life. Being able to provide you with what you need to get an early start on a healthy sacred bond with your child is my goal. 


Angelique’s postpartum support originates with the belief that the mother needs to be nurtured and cared for so that she can be as present and rested as possible to bond with her baby.


Angelique wants to make this transition (and transformation!) as smooth as possible for new mothers. With her support and care, Angelique will see to all needs (physical and emotional); model baby care techniques, provide lactation support (if you are breastfeeding) help to integrate other family members and do small household tasks.


As your postpartum doula, I take care of things so you can bond with your new baby and rest and recover. I will

  • Watch your baby, older siblings, pets, and make nourishing meals. 

  • Do light housekeeping, laundry and running errands.

  • Be a ‘village’  and an ‘ear’ to support you in your life - changing time.


To nurture your ability to make your baby feel secure. I can

  • Empower intuition as your child’s main caretaker.

  • Help to establish baby care strategies.

  • Support in the nourishment of the child.  (I am a CLC**)

  • Assist in preventing and /or work with a baby with colic.

  • Provide energy healing, reiki.

  • Overnight Doula to allow for more rest.

  • Give babies every opportunity to be with their mothers in order for them to bond and establish a sense of safety and security.


Support Family relationships by Doula-ing your ‘birth’ into motherhood  

  • Support and nurture your self-confidence and self-intuition.

  • Establish self-care strategies to support a healthy mother-baby relationship: Including mindfulness & relaxation strategies and personal tools of self-exploration in the realm of motherhood.  

  • Baby - Naming and Introduction to Family ceremonies to support the interrelationships and a grounding into the new landscape.  



Twenty-three years of experience as a mother and with over 30 nieces/nephews, along with my doula clients, I share the collective wisdom of many others and babies.   

For centuries, mothers and fathers benefitted from experienced family/

community members on hand to help them transition to having a new baby. Whether you have adopted your baby or have given birth, you will be experiencing exhaustion, need support, and have questions about caring for your little one. With a caring, supportive, restful environment for new mothers/fathers, I will nurture your body, mind, and spirit. As a Reiki master, I offer this healing, relaxation technique to you and your baby. With my physical and emotional support during this critical time, you will transform and blossom into your life-changing role as mother/parent.  

**Certified Lactation Counselor

*I seek to serve families of all types*

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