Persephone's Hero

7-9 year olds; 12-14 year olds; Womyn's circles 


Children's Program:

January - March

Weaving myth and metaphor, metaphysics and mindfulness into creative activities and discussions, this program, will introduce the idea of self-discovery and how we can balance our outside lives with the all-important ‘inside’ life.    During this 5 week program, we will:


  • Anchor into the teachings of the Native American Medicine Wheel, including the elemental aspects of self: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. We will begin to understand how to take care of these different parts of ourselves.

  • Identify internal and external (yin-yang/masculine-feminine) energies within us and Introduce the idea, that by balancing these energies, we will be better able to consciously navigate both our external and internal worlds.

  • Develop self-rituals to acknowledge our sacredness and make self-love and self-care a way of life. 

  • Commemorate our development and evolution with a ceremonial ‘moving up’ into our new selves.

Womyn's Circles:

Mondays , March - April 7:30 - 9:30

Women  gather in a facilitated mutually supportive environment to connect with their inner goddess and sacredness. With a touch of ceremony, the warmth of conversation and the inspiration of creativity, we go deep to connect with ourselves, and by extension, others.