Angelique Kenney and her Earth and Sky School
is dedicated to connecting individuals to the inherent
wisdom of themselves and the natural world.

Forest School

2020 Earth and Sky Summer Camp 

Eagle Rock Reservation

Ages 3.5-11

$250/Week ($60/day)

email: for registration and to make a $50 deposit to secure your spot.

Weeks of

  • June 29      

  • July 6

  • July 13

  • July 20

  • July 27

  • August 17

  • August 24

  • *August 31 * if enough interest


Angelique Kenney, Earth and Sky Forest School Teacher and Founder, is a certified k-5 teacher, healer, postpartum doula, certified lactation counselor and bona- fide nature lover.  She has taught in public schools for 10 years, is a Reiki master, certified in First Aid, CPR and AED. Angelique has given workshops on the value of teaching mindfulness to children and she seeks to caretake children's natural sense of wonder and curiosity and believes that children need plenty of time in ‘real life’.

Alicia Collins, Earth and Sky Summer Camp Teacher   is the owner of Rootstock Play Garden, a Waldorf-inspired preschool in Montclair.  Alicia has worked in a Waldorf environment for 5 years, watching children bloom in a play-based, nature-centric program. jShe is certified in Early Childhood and Human Development from LifeWays North America (NAEYC/CDA). She is a passionate advocate of grass-stained knees, puddle jumping, collecting rocks, and climbing trees

2020 Spring Afternoon Program

Afternoon Forest School


$350/10 weeks

  • Mon  3:30-5:15                                    

  • Tues  4-5:45 

Spring Break Program

April 13-17

$250/week; $60/day

Ages 3.5-11



Imagination runs wild in the beauty and magic of the natural world. 

Tree trunks and giant rocks, squirrels and roly-polys, shy fox and mossy stumps beckon young hearts and spirits to come play. Spend the afternoon in the woods experiencing and learning first-hand, the beauty and magic of the natural world. As we connect to our local habitat, the woods of First Mountain.


Your child will observe and experience change as it happens in the Forest. Inspiring us to grow and change in our own ways and to trust in our innate knowledge and wisdom. We will develop a relationship with the natural world and understand that we are a part of it.  We will make tree friends and see the ‘medicine’ in the creatures we encounter. 


Come adventure with us, as we discover First Mountain’s magic places, like Tree Alley, First Fort and Big Boulder; build dams at the creek along Skunk Cabbage Lane and do leaf races at Three Bridges.     

Earth and Sky Forest School seeks to build relationships between our natural world and young people. We will see plants and animals as fellow ‘earthlings’.  Each session will offer a topic or focus allowing for personal discovery and connection. Some topic areas include: How was our mountain formed? Do trees communicate? How is the forest a community?  What animals live here? Who lived here before we did and how did they live?


Social-emotional learning and shared imaginative play is a big part of our time together as well as problem-solving and creative projects. As part of all EaS (Earth and Sky School) programs, we offer participants moments to connect mindfully with themselves. We will feel at home, as we get to know what's in our very own backyard.   

​Increasingly, research is showing broad benefits from spending time in nature. It is a stress-reducer, spirit-lifter, self-esteem booster and independence-maker and attention-restorer. I personally believe it stimulates creativity and helps to establish respect for our natural environment.  


Afternoons spent in the woods anchor children in real life, beyond the social and academic pressures of our human constructed world. Forest School teaches children to trust themselves, to observe, to develop empathy, to think outside the box, to cooperate and so much more. Time in the woods will give your child a sense of connectedness with all the living things on our beautiful planet.

Contact Angelique:  (917) 887-8530

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