Angelique Kenney and her Earth and Sky School
is dedicated to connecting individuals to the inherent
wisdom of themselves and the natural world.

*APPLY NOW FOR Afternoon Forest School*


Forest School: *We discover magic in the woods as we discover it in ourselves; we learn who we are, through the wisdom of nature.* Visit Forest School page for more information.

Afternoon Forest School:  

  • Mon  3:30-5:15                                   4-9  years

  • Tues  4-5:45                                        4-11 years

  • Wed  3:00-4:45                                    4-9 years

Drop off is 15 minutes before or after


School Holiday Programs

9:00-2:00 Eagle Rock Reservation. $60

Late applications welcome * understand that in the beginning of the year, sometimes children are tired in the afternoon!  I can pro-rate the fee.

  • Oct. 9       Yom Kippur

  • Oct 14       Staff Professional Development Day

  • Nov. 7-8   NJEA Teacher Convention  


Persephone's Hero: programs  anchored in creative projects that help participants value their internal and external experiences as part of a journey of self- discovery. In Persephone's Hero, we learn our own individual 'medicine' for being happy and healthy. Persephone's Hero is offered as both an adult and young person's program.

Postpartum Doula & LactationCounseling:  Angelique offers her open-minded guidance and support to new families. Her desire is to provide a calm and nurturing environment to allow for transition, transformation, and rest for mothers while they heal and bond with their babies, allowing for the best possible start to a lifelong relationship.     

Family Reiki: service to quiet the mind, ease tensions and clear the body of unneeded stress, bringing a space of equilibrium, rest, and peace. Angelique has a deep interest in quantum physics for the lay person and actively works to see the world in terms of the energy and vibration of all things. By re-setting our energy, we can vibrate at our highest frequency. Angelique offers reiki to adults, children and pets. She will come to your home and give the whole family a reiki treatment!

Contact Angelique:  (917) 887-8530

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